Compliance & Consistency

ComplianceKeeping abreast of ever-changing employment laws, best practices, policies, and compensation levels is a full time job. HResults will partner with your organization in these areas, minimizing your liability through audits, process maps, analyses, and training. You will have access to an unbiased third party with expert witness experience in investigating, documenting, and resolving employment law issues.

Contact HResults for the following solutions:

Compensation Analysis and Management

  • Conduct market analysis
  • Create and implement a competency or result based reward system
  • Ensure internal and external pay equity to remain competitive and compliant

Policy, Procedure, and Handbook Development

  • Design, develop, and implement resources to increase communication and consistency

Employee Relations and Investigations

  • Provide expertise and counsel on difficult employee situations
  • Act as a liaison to expedite the investigation and resolution of issues while reducing risk

HR Process Assessments and Audits

  • Map, analyze, and streamline processes to reduce delays and handoffs
  • Ensure procedures comply with ever-changing laws