Organizational Development

HResults can prepare your organization for tomorrow’s challenges. HResults uses validated tools, such as the Lominger VOICES tool, to assess the gap between current competency levels and the skills required for future success. Your succession planning process will guide your leadership team as it prioritizes individual and organizational development initiatives.

HR audits, process assessments, and management guidance allow your organization to create a cutting-edge HR function that is effective, efficient, and valued. H.R., Results—No longer an oxymoron.

Contact HResults for the following solutions:

Succession Planning

  • Identify success criteria for future “mission critical” roles
  • Assess current and potential leaders
  • Develop leadership skills to meet future needs
  • Align leadership selection and placement with your business goals

HR Management and Guidance

  • Provide technical expertise and best practices
  • Transfer knowledge and skills to sustain quality and deliver results
  • HResultspartners with your organization in a variety of ways:
    • Retained — High impact, expert advice and support at your fingertips; tailored to meet your needs
    • Interim — Immediate access to an HR leader who hits the ground running and fills a gap
    • Program based — World class service and support to ensure success with your initiatives