Talent Acquisition & Management

Organizations that apply talent acquisition and management practices experience greater financial performance than their peers. The practices that differentiate leading organizations are those that select and integrate strong performers, align recognition with performance, and increase employee engagement and development.

With HResults’ expertise, your talent acquisition and management initiatives can increase employee efficiency, accountability, engagement, and competence. As a result, your organization can respond to changes more quickly and reduce the recruitment costs, rework, turnover, and poor quality.

Contact HResults for the following solutions:

Leadership Selection, Coaching, and Development

  • Focus on and implement value-added processes to select only high performers
  • Coach team members to plan and reach development goals, build effective relationships, and maximize resources
  • Understand the senior manager’s expectations; assess and develop the learner’s knowledge, skills, and abilities

Performance Management

  • Develop and implement consistent performance criterion and systems
  • Create a performance based culture that aligns with selection and training functions

Training Design and Delivery

  • Conduct a comprehensive training needs analysis to deliver custom solutions
  • Design instructional programs and materials for employees, managers, and senior leaders
  • Ensure training aligns with business strategies